A precise physical determination of the location and boundaries of real property. Surveys are performed by qualified experts called surveyors. Survey findings are reflected in documents called surveys, survey reports, or certificates of survey. For unplatted land, the survey determines the location of the property with reference to known points. For all land, the survey shows the dimensions of the property, the location of improvements (such as buildings), and the dimensions of the improvements. Lenders use surveys to verify the legal description of property, to verify that the property discussed in appraisal reports is identical to the property owned by the borrower, and to verify that driveways, terraces, garden walls, and other structures do not cross property lines. American Banker Glossary

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I. survey sur‧vey 1 [ˈsɜːveɪ ǁ ˈsɜːr-] noun [countable]
1. a set of questions given to a group of people to find out about their opinions or behaviour:

• People are becoming more pessimistic about the economy, according to the latest consumer survey.

ˌmarket ˈsurvey MARKETING
a study of the state of a particular market, showing competitors' sales, buyers' intentions etc:

• This information is available from specific retail statistics, and market surveys.

2. PROPERTY an examination of the condition of a building or area of land, done by a specialist for someone who is considering buying it
maˌrine inˈsurance ˌsurvey INSURANCE
an examination of the condition of the cargo (= goods carried by a ship) in order to decide how much money the insurer must pay when a claim for loss or damage is made. The insurer asks a surveyor to do the examination and produce a report based on it
  [m0] II. survey sur‧vey 2 [ˈsɜːveɪ, səˈveɪ ǁ ˈsɜːr-, sər-] verb [transitive]
1. to ask a group of people a set of questions to find out about their opinions or behaviour:

• The agency surveys executives in about 300 companies around the country.

• Only 15% of respondents surveyed would admit to leaving the workplace early.

2. PROPERTY to examine and report on the size, condition etc of a building or area of land for someone who is considering buying it
— surveying noun [uncountable] :

• It doesn't take a qualification in surveying to see damp patches or loose tiles.

• a specialist surveying instrument firm

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survey UK US /ˈsɜːveɪ/ noun [C]
MARKETING an examination of people's opinions, behaviour, etc. made, for example, by asking them questions: a survey finds/reveals/shows »

A survey of 584 companies has found that there is no relationship between a company's sales incentive plan structure and its gain or loss in market share.

conduct/carry out/do a survey »

We should conduct a survey to find out what our customers really want.

PROPERTY the measuring and recording of the details of an area of land: »

A detailed survey of the building plot has already been carried out.

(UK PROPERTY an examination of the structure of a building by a specially trained person to check what condition it is in: »

We should schedule an independent survey of the property before we agree to buy it.


The survey revealed a number of problems that will have to be repaired.

survey UK US /səˈveɪ/ verb [T]
MARKETING to ask people questions in order to find out about their opinions or behaviour: »

The researchers surveyed the attitudes of 2,500 night shift workers.

to look at or examine all of something in detail: »

She has written a book which surveys the history of the PR industry.

PROPERTY to measure an area of land and to record the details of it: »

The land will have to be surveyed in detail before the building project can begin.

(UK PROPERTY when a building is surveyed, it is examined carefully by a specially trained person, to see what condition it is in: »

We had the house surveyed.

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